Billions of dollars are spent around the world in programs that aim to protect the environment from adverse effects of agriculture. This project is undertaking critical evaluations of such programs in nine countries.

There are many environmental policies and programs in place in developed countries, involving expenditure of large amounts of public funding. There appear to be grounds for concern that many programs are not designed well to efficiently achieve environmental outcomes. In this project, an international team of leading environmental economists is conducting a review of the design, implementation and performance of environmental programs in a range of developed countries. The aims are to assess the quality of a selected set of existing programs, identifying their weaknesses, notable differences between countries, and factors that may be inhibiting improvements in programs.


  • Professor Steve Polasky, University Minnesota
  • Professor Jim Shortle, Penn State University
  • Chair, Department of REES Peter Boxall, University Alberta
  • Professor Alfons Weersink, University Guelph
  • Associate Professor Graeme Doole, University Waikato
  • Professor Nick Hanley, University St Andrews
  • Professor Ian Hodge, University Cambridge
  • Professor Bo Jellesmark Thorsen, University of Copenhagen
  • Professor Sophie Thoyer, Montpellier Supagro
  • Associate Professor Shunsuke Managi, Tohoku University
  • Professor Alfons Oude Lansink, Wageningen University
  • Professor Roy Brouwer, University Amsterdam