Harness resources and energy

Find out how our energy and geoscience research
is helping to create a world of secure, sustainable and emission-free minerals and energy for all

The key issue: Ever-growing global demand for energy.

As energy and mineral resources become harder to access and more costly to extract, the price of these resources will rise.

The International Energy Agency (IEA) says the world’s energy needs could be 50% higher in 2030 than they are today.


We need to find smarter, more efficient and cost-effective ways of extracting and using coal, oil and gas. And we need to invest in alternative energy solutions, embracing renewable sources of energy as part of a more diverse and sustainable energy mix.

What is UWA doing about this global issue?

It’s a challenge that calls for a blend of energy solutions, which is how we’re approaching the problem at UWA.

Image by: NASA


Together with our industry partners, our research teams are finding smarter ways to discover, develop and use minerals and energy resources and technology.

  • The Centre for Exploration Targeting (CET).

    A unique applied research enterprise, CET focuses on increasing the discovery rate in mineral exploration, as well as the quality of those discoveries, all without substantial increases in exploration expenditure.

    Bridging the gap between current research and the immediate real-world needs of the rapidly changing mining industry, CET undertakes applied research to develop innovative, integrated targeting tools and techniques to improve the risk-reward ratio in exploration.

  • The Centre for Energy Geoscience.

    UWA’s Centre for Energy Geoscience brings together dedicated researchers, educators and industry partners to find better, more efficient ways to discover, develop and use hydrocarbon energy resources.

    We look at the challenge as a holistic one. Our investigations span the geosciences spectrum, with applications for conventional and unconventional hydrocarbons, and the sequestration of greenhouse gases like CO2 in an environmentally responsible manner.

  • Energy and Minerals Institute

    Charged with developing new knowledge and advanced technologies for efficient, effective and environmentally friendly use of fuels and energy in the resources industry, UWA’s Centre for Energy is dedicated to world-class energy research and technology development.

    Specifically, our research teams are working closely with companies, institutions and government agencies to improve gas-to-liquid, clean coal and biofuel technologies, while also developing better ways to minimise greenhouse gas and other emissions.

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Passive seismic monitoring is the science of recording and analysing natural or induced seismic energy.  The creaking and groaning caused by ongoing tectonic movements in the earth, or the fracturing of rocks in large (felt) and micro (unfelt) earthquakes, are just some of the signals we detect and measure.  Ocean…

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Archean geodynamics of continental lithosphere

In contrast to modern-day plate tectonics, studying Archean geodynamics presents a unique challenge, as currently there is no agreement upon a paradigm concerning the global geodynamics and lithosphere tectonics pre-1000 million years. The limited amount of geological and geophysical data available contributes significantly to the lack of a widely accepted…

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From Core to Ore: emplacement dynamics of deep-seated nickel sulphide systems

This project investigates the genesis of ore deposits containing nickel, copper and the immensely valuable platinum group elements. These systems provide insights into fundamental questions regarding the evolution and dynamics of the Earth System, because these ore deposits are windows into the deep mantle of our planet. the aim in…

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